Bad Marketing Practices in Chennai

In a way, while you shop in big chain shops in Chennai there are view things that need to be pondered over and we need to exercise caution. A few advantages with these chain shops are the following:

  1. Proximity to customers
  2. Reliable and Effective Reach of products from diversified manufacturers.
  3. The customer can liesurely browse, choose and purchase the product.
  4. Good discounts and sales promotions for each products.

Chennai, by virtue of a relatively higher degree of conman seems to be exercising its bureocratic procedures even in this chain shop method too. A few of the observations or syndromes or maladies that you need to concenterate or focus to workaround and/or corner them are:

  1. Use a proper combination of cash and (Sodexho) Food coupons. For example, if your bill is 40 INR, you can tender 35 INR Sodexho food coupon and 5 INR in cash. If you give 50 INR food coupon, the merchant will gain booty by not giving you 10 INR (either cash or a coupon if he still has it). With 10 such soft burglaries in makes a good booty. Check out our other discussion on ‘Sodexho Food Coupons‘.
  2. Check out the websites of consumer durables to get the first hand knowledge of the product before stepping in the stores. Websites like Videocon, Whirlpool India have comprehensive product catalogue and full description of products in websites alongside an elevated level of customercare. Equipped with these information, you can make a memorable purchase (tainted with humor and adventure 🙂 ) even in conman’s basecamp.
  3. Related to 2), I had an interesting experience yesterday in ‘Sankarapandian Stores, T. Nagar’. The shop had just launched about six months back but they are too lazy that you can not find enough marketing for those products plus the shop too does not have enough competitive sales force. While checking out Sowbaghya wet grinder Sakthi model, the following were the information given by the salesman:
    1. Shakthi model has been stopped from production. 🙂
    2. He showed some old 4000 Rs. 1.5 litres model and was telling only that model is being released by Sowbaghya.
    3. Interestingly, it turned out to be a white lie since Sowbaghya is aggressively marketing all the grinders with remarkably significant freebies like ‘Automatic Gas Burners’ and 6 Year Warranty plus 2 Year Guarantee. They are very innovative to provide grinders that support even US 110 V besides Indian electricity conditions.

Sodexho Gift Vouchers again complement the booty spirits of illicit merchants. They claim 6 per cent for thier personal profits. And more care is to be taken regarding purchase of high value goods like cars etc. The very new model cars are very much life-endangering as we discussed a few minutes ago.