Self-Immolation of cars from Tata and Hyundai

It has become almost a regular day-to-day happening in India and particularly in Chennai regarding the various car accidents particularly the car itself resorting to self-immolation. They cite various reasons each time — possibly lame excuses and in a futile attempts like conveying sorry in trying to make dead men alive.

There has been so many occasions where cars from these brands mostly automatically placing themselves on fire.

  1. About four months back, a press reporter had her Indica on fire near Kamaraj Salai, Beach Road.
  2. A Mahindra Scorpio was on flames about two days back near Guindy Kathipara. Source Courtesy: Sun News 8AM on 31 December 2006.
  3. My personal witness yesterday of Tata Indica going up on flames at about 1730 hours yesterday (31 December 2006) near Nalli Silks (100, Usman Road, Chennai — 600 017) parking.  Fortunately, the fire brigade flew in fast and set off the flames and towed the vehicle off.
  4. Along with this –>
    1. Villivakkam Engineer’s Car running on flames due to faulty airconditioning.
    2. Faulty Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Noida (Hyundai) car.

A few of the reasons cited are:

  1. Radiator not being maintained with enough water in its capacity to control the heating.
  2. Short-circuting of fuses.
  3. Uncontrolled conversion to LPG suits in car. Domestic LPG which is heavily subsidised by Government is often illegally used by many small mechanics in Chennai in automobiles often illegally. Often if you are caught by a traffic sergeant, you can grease his palm with just about twenty rupees and go scott free, as Santosh could once bargain when he was illegally intercepted even at about early hours as 2130 for lame reasons near Guindy.

I personally don’t see any valid reason or a safety chassis for both these Tata and Hyundai cars. I had a personal experience when a strong brakes applied in Tata Indica made us dash against the front panel of the car. Check out this experience here. But again interestingly a similar brake incident while I was travelling in Ambassador car near Pallavaram convinced me about the resilent chassis which bore the brunt rather than passing the same to the passengers.

Besides these, Hyundai showrooms have very many customerservice related problems too. Check out these links:

  1. Ratan’s Voice in Consumer_Voice_India
    1. A detailed Mouthshut review

With these shameful architecture of cars, with what face does Tata is trying to build a car factory in West Bengal making Mamta’s life critical?

Long or short, Rough or Smooth, Cost or Cheap; I think we should stay away from newcomers who just want amass enough wealth at the cost of public. The best cars I would suggest are the following — Stable, Good Support after Sales, Resilence, Secure.

  1. Ambassador from Hindustan Motors
  2. Maruti Brand from Maruti Udyog
  3. Ford India
  4. Sundaram Motors