Alarming Pollution Levels in Chennai

The pollution levels in Chennai, be it Air pollution due to vehicles or the incessant blowing of air horns and (conical) loud speakers or water pollution seems to raising alarming proportions. The New Year witnessed near Tambaram the more disgusting moments for people with so many film songs being aired using loudspeakers.

There should be some control on such harmful radiations and pollutions. This gives rise to a variety of cardiac related problems besides disturbing the peaceful residentials areas. A bit of afforestation would greatly help in cutting down the pollutions to some extent. Its opponent, incessant deforestation.

We can also come across the extent of bad language used even for casual conversations. These bad syllables give so much of negative vibrations and radiations and hence NGO and religious heads should strive to bring in more discipline into the citizens. The effect of negative languages can be explained like this. The power of witchmagicians lies in the fact that they should fluently utter the mantras and hence to control the blackmagicians, our ancestors use to break the teeth of those black magicians. Now since there are no proper dentures, they can tell the mantras fluently and hence black magic would become impotent. [Read from a book from Lifco] Positively speaking, the power of God’s name is more than God itself. Hence even in Sabarimala, there is incessant chanting of Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa and continous playing of ‘Om Namo Narayana’ in Sri Rangam temple to support and propagage positive vibrations.

Let us strive and chant God’s Name more and control the negative vibrations slowly and then eliminate them thus making world a prosperous and peaceful place for everyone of us.