The Little Broomstick and its Power

The little broomstick in each and every home of India has enormous power and potential. They say that is slowly being replaced by high power digital washing machine. Nay. I would say “Washing machines do compliment them and not replace”. This is a very simple post to enumerate though some simple benefits of a little broomstick. The source of inspiration being yesterday when I saw a lady shoo-shooing an eve-teaser in 5A near Vijayanagar Terminus publicly with a broomstick. I think this public humiliation by the victim itself should be an eternal learning for him.

Check out this film review on Samy. The hero used to say the courage of girls and woman is greatly required to combat eve-teasing. For house-woman, chilli powder and broomstick would help in counter-attacking burglers who door break into the house. For working women, a simple umbrella, even if its folding or the high heels slipper should be giving a best bet lesson for the eve-teaser. The hero in Samy used to say that the umbrella looked like Aruval for him. That was his way of being encouraging the courageness of woman to combat eve-teasing.

We should help the Police in all ways to combat the eve-teasing menace and we can not be mute spectators in leaving everything to police, who are less in number compared to miscreants Check out our related humourous discussion on eve-teasers over here.