Developing Goonda in Adyar Signal

Six months after we discussed a fiscal goondaism in Adyar, just at a stone throw distance from there, we have a shop next to Baskin & Robbins, we have one more grocery shop powered, patronized and run by purported goondas.  The hyperlinked page from ‘The Hindu’ Businessline gives as much explanation and definition to Goondas.

We could’nt see any proper name board for the shop and hence trying to give as much information about the same. A few landmarks are:

  1. Next to Baskin & Robins
  2. Near the turning of the road to Gandhi Nagar, LIC.
  3. Almost at the ground floor of the building, the first floor of which is occupied by DC Elcot and Aptech
  4. Diagnolly opposite to Adyar Standard Chartered Bank.
  5. Tip: I don’t have any camera with me. Perhaps if there is an interested reader who can give more information on this shop so that other innocuous customers are not victimized by the diversified looting techniques of this shop.

First and foremost the shopkeeper at this shop welcomes you with a smile to entrap you. They don’t have even tidbits of customercare. After buying all the products, this guy would expect you to give change to fifty paise denomination. He would not expect your arguments and also leaving the change behind. If you resort to the latter, he would pull you into a fight asking ‘whether he is a beggar and you are giving alms to him?‘. The other remedy that he would emphasize is to place everything and you have to go to the next shop and next shop to get the change and come. Or he would ask you to make some more purchases.

This shop claims to accept Debit and Credit cards but even for more than 500 INR (the test purchase we made), he refuses to swipe the cards. The guy is immediately joined by his colleague who also starts harassing the customer. I remember about five years back, there was one ruffian like this in Alwar Thiru Nagar, who was basically a vegetable vendor. His strategy was boisterous adn he would get the money before purchase and then after the purchase also. All regular residents avoid his shop. I think he has been put behind the bars long time back and I have no updates over him.

Coming back to the Adyar Hooligan, we inspected a couple of products and the quality too does not seem to be good. When we were trying to fill the bill to fit the change requirement, we saw some Reynolds pen. When even little petty shops have good amount of Reynolds pen to showcase, this guy only has 040 Fine Carbure (the old styled white pen) and he refuses to show any scratch papers to test write it on. There were some ketchup packets which were resembling tampering but we did’nt investigate it in totu.

I think, Adyar Circle Police who are just about 0.5 Km from this, should wake up from thier slumber to see if something is fishy and smelling from here before this rogue matures himself from petty crimes as eve-teaser and a full-fledged goonda? Would Sailendra Babu (Adyar Circle DCP) or Lathika Charan (Chennai DGP) look into it proactively?