Wake up! Wake up! Tambaram has come

Tambaram serves as gateway to Chennai. There are plenty of passengers who come down to Tambaram to catch buses outbound from Chennai to southern states and districts. Similarly, passengers coming down to Chennai alight at Tambaram to catch a link bus to their places from there so that they need not travel standing if board at intermediate places and standing journey is really painful when you travel with kids, family and big luggages.

And normally in long journeys, we tend to get a nap right? And when Tambaram comes, you can normally see the conductor in the long route bus shouting ‘Tambaram. Tambaram. Get down. Get down fast‘. And it so happens that in the reverse route too travelling long routes from Avadi, Ambattur, Tiruvotriyur to Tambaram which nowadays takes more than an hour contributing to traffic conditions prevailing in Chennai that we get some good nap in the bus. But Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus conductors seldom have the habit of announcing the places when a bus stop comes. Hence if you are a newbie to a bus city, you are better off staying near the bus conductor by prior request to him to tell the place when it comes or befriend a co-passenger. Exercise the latter with caution lest if you befriend a pocketpicker you risk losing your wallet and belongings and more caution to be exercised by female passengers in this regard at least with respect to Chennai.

Now getting back to the discussions, the gap of conductors not announcing the bus stops is filled by the road conditions prevailing particularly in Gandhi Road, Tambaram. Currently all Tambaram-bound MTC buses have been stipulated to enter Gandhi Road, Deepam hospital Road and then turn left towards Tambaram Municipality and Provident Fund commissioner office to reach the terminus. This diversion has been made so that the U turn near Chennai bypass is avoided by a large number of buses and creating traffic chaos and snarls there.

Now the condition of Tambaram Gandhi Road is so bad that it has so many potholes that any vehicle would jump sky high and valley down and virtual see-sawing through the segment. This pathetic situation of the road comes close to the heels when there are so many vehicles plying this segment besides this road serves an arterial connectivity to significant educational institutions like Valluvar Gurukulum, Sri Sairam Engineering College. The worst affected are patients travelling to Hospitals like Deepam Hospital, Hindu Mission Hospital and other nursing homes; while travelling in buses.  Hope the Tambaram municipality does not something to have this road repaired which remains an eyesore for the city at its gateway.

The caption ‘Wake Up’ has been put since the number of pot holes provide a virtual alarm for the passengers taking a nap. Nobody can escape the numerous turbulence that the vehicle experiences while travelling by the road.