‘E’ Tamil Film Casting wrong effect on Society

Sometime back we were discussing about how Gilly (Tamil Film) provoked a rampant juvenile crime in Chennai. Reading through Tamil Murasu paper yesterday, it was evident that one more latest box office hit in Chennai (“E”) is joining the race. Already the film features only pure violence and hero itself serving as a standing testimony of violence in the film.

The item was describing the modus operandi that a bootlegger in a southern part of the state of Tamil Nadu adopted similar to what the hero was demonstrating in the film to show a original jewel to the pawn broker. And then he would involve him in some conversation, put him on hold while he goes to his home, keeps the original jewels and brings fake jewels for mortgage. After about five to six successful attempts, the bootlegger has been cornered with the help of public.

This now poses a question to us — Why should we need this cine field at all? Let us swear in the New Year that we boycott such ugly vulgar films and strive to cultivate a holy and healthy society.