We command and bring the righteousness to the world…

As we described during the launch of Views and Reviews and in its mission/vision, we strive to bring righteousness by voicing for it and against any sort of unrigheousness of any kind and also refraining from succumbing to unrighteousness. For a while, I have been recieving some harsh criticisms and notably some marked from a guy from my previous organization. I have actually forwarded a report to them too. This being from a known circle. Of course, I admit that spam comes from larger quarters. A few of them from the known circle were quite unparliamentary. Thanks to Akismet, that these get landed up as spam and I don’t need to waste time even moderating them.

I thought I would fondly recall Dr. MGRs song from Enga Veetup Pillai which emphasizes this and the necessity to stand by the side of righteousness only. You can check out this YouTube hosted clipping of this song here: