Super Duper Superstition Spree in Chennai

Superstitious beliefs were never remote and particularly with small villages and towns, you can find diversified amount of superstitions of all kind and creed. This Pongal day there was one interesting superstitious belief in Tamil Nadu that since Makara Sankranthi started on Simha Lagnam it would be cast ill effects on male population.

All along places like Cuddalore and Thiruvotriyur, people were bringing rice to road junctions and pouring it there. Over it they were lighting lamps and praying God for welfare of thier male counterparts in thier family. The interesting thing was that the number of lamps lit should be equal to number of male counterparts in thier family. After the prayers the lamps were immersed in a nearby waterbody like sea or pond or lake.

Eminent Astrologers have declared these as baseless superstitions and were spread like rumor only. Check out Tamil News WordPress for more details.