Thursday Teal

What the heck is Thursday Teal? I was actually looking out for something equivalent to Monday Blues for Thursday? But why? This time, Pongal had been quite long holidays in Tamil Nadu. With the core Pongal (Thai 1st Day) falling on Monday preceded by two days weekend and succeeded by two days of Pongal flavors like ‘Kanu Mattup Pongal'(also observed is Thiruvalluvar Dhinam) and ‘Kaanum Pongal’, Tamil Nadu featured a virtual state holiday for about five days. Simply put all banking and financial houses had downed thier shutters. So no banking transaction whatsoever important could be done these days. My friend (Redhy) too was also acutely affected by this, since he had to transfer funds to his State Bank of India, Kerala branch but none of the banks’ Chennai components were operational. I think Government should something in regularizing the holidays in ensuring that it does not affect the normal (business) life.

Coming back to the discussion — After five days holidays, Thursday morning featured acute traffic snarls everywhere in Chennai. Almost what we have discussed in our ‘Monday Blues’ could be observed and was applicable to the Thursday syndrome. I was searching for a befitting word to describe this. ‘Teal’ was a good color and was rhyming with Thursday and hence named it as ‘Thursday Teals’.  The other reason, it can be called ‘Thursday Teals’ is that normally during anxieties we say ‘butterflies in stomach’ and different colors like this befit a better description of the situation too.

How was your Thursday Teal experience this year? Share it with us.