ExpressiT Courier and Credit Card Felony

About six months, we discussed about serious faults involving ICICI Adyar branch and ExpressIT courier mishandling this blogger’s credit card. For those interested, here is the post. Now, Chennai City Police has unearthed a racket of credit card felony involving this ExpressIT courier. The racket involved was guided by an employee of a private bank, steered by a software professional and an ExpressIT courier employee served as vehicle for the felony.

The trio had made good the booty by robbing credit cards sent by banks in purchasing hi-fi gadgets from various supermarket stores and retain chains in Chennai including mobile phones and valuables.

Check out the Newscoverage in the following URLs: [A few ePapers might require free user registration before you can browse the content]

  1. Tamil Murasu (2nd Feburary, 2007) Page 8 (Left Bottom News). Screenshot attached after the post.
  2. Dinakaran (3rd February, 2007)
  3. The New Indian Express (2nd Feburary, 2007) — Page 3 Chennai Edition.
  4. [Credit Card Felony Report]  [Credit Card Felony Report]