TNEB — India’s Premiere Department of Vices

I have been thinking about this for the past few weeks and in the background compiling information from various front, which I have presented in this section. Currently a Government of Tamil Nadu undertaking, TNEB emphasizes in all fronts than one to be a premiere department to reflect that it has all vices without lacking of anything ranging from more its noble regression objectives, a few of them are listed below:

  1. Its esteemed employees abetting illegal powerthefts
  2. Lack of customerservice in focussing on reports from customers
  3. Undue public inconvenience due to reckless powercuts.

Hopefully, if Government of Tamil Nadu in its current regime, which seems to be so focussed on public welfare measures provides some kind vision into this eyesore too to provide some remedy.  A few of the incidents that substantiate thier lacuna are:

  1. I have been getting so many emails asking whether there was any Makara Jyothi video recorded and uploaded since the yearly once religious and spirtual miracle at Sabarimala, which happened this year on January 14 and courtesy live relay by Podhigai could not be viewed by many because of reckless blackouts and powercuts in many parts of Chennai. One reader had put a subject of the mail as “Makara Jyothi burnt by TNEB“.
  2. Our area coming under Sembakkam Panchayat has many complaints of faulty meters. Meters would get replaced but they would run hardly for one week and then it would take fifteen more days for the gentlemen of TNEB to come and rectify the same. By the time for the monthly billing either the approximate amount or previous month bill would be applicable. This means a lot of inconvience due to public besides lot of revenue loss for the Government too. All these inspite of Tambaram Municipality and Sembakkam Panchayat being informed and even local weeklies reflecting these issues time and again.
  3. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board website has the motto “Powering Tamil Nadu’s Progress”. I think with the attitude of staff, they have to amend this as “Leading Tamil Nadu’s regress”.
  4. Reckless low voltage problems leading to repair of domestic appliances when political parties’ meetings are powered by high power high mast lamps.

Readers: What do you think of Power Supply by your provider in your area. Share your views. I have another report from REL PowerSupply in Mumbai. Check out this discussion thread in Consumer_Voice_India YahooGroups.