“Two working days …” Nursery Rhymes

Many people would have got accustomed to the lullaby-style nursery rhymes that most of the Phone Banking call centers resort to customer requests and reports. Most of the requests would range from two working days to ten working days, even when it happens to a very trivial account activation,without necessitating any courier or related external parameter dependency.

And in most of the cases, their poorly setup systems lead them to amnesia in that “two working days” nursery rhyme repeats, repeats and repeat for ever. “While a customer may call and another may bark, I sing my nursery rhyme  on and on for ever” would be the derived poetical verse of these call centers.

These banks mostly have derived these phone banking concepts from US and European shores. The days concept there exist because of lesser manpower and hence they had to wait a while before each request is meticulously serviced. But in Indian arena, with surplus manpower all around and in some cases, employees just gossipping and chit-chatting, I don’t think they have to apply this business model as is. They can try to bring in more faster delivery mechanisms and service resolutions for customer requests and reports, thus bringing in a more harmonious relationship with the customer.

Wasting of manpower in gossipping and other unproductive activities also leads to many undesirable factors like the one we described here.

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