Seat Craze of Tamil Nadu

The craze of seat whether it is MLA seat in the legislative assembly or the queue order in the temple or the bus seat is going crazy in Tamil Nadu, conquering all leaps and bounds. Perhaps rather than having a thesis discussion, I feel a few illustrations would make this a humourous reading besides bringing out the sad state of the culture to limelight.

  1. You can see many people in Chennai just pushing you and knocking you down. Those acutely affected are physically disabled who can not go fast and hence get stamped down. Typical places in Chennai that witness this in acute significance are: Velacherry Bus Terminus (for D70 and 21L), Anna Square (Marina Beach), CMBT
  2. The other mean thing, which I read from one of the editions of Dinamalar – Varamalar is that lady passengers bring a little kid of neighbors while travelling in the buses. With a kid in thier hand, they try to gather sympathy wave of copassengers in harassing others to get the seat.
  3. Today, I witnessed in 5A, real push and pull at Medawalkam and one old woman was almost knocked down.
  4. A few lady passengers occupy men seat  but reverse happens, they scream like anything as if they have been harassed.
  5. We have already discussed another incident where physically disabled are challenged in the buses.

People of Tamil Nadu and particularly Chennai should cultivate the habit of being more open-minded.