Starved Transport Services in Chennai

It is the pride of Chennai that Metropolitan Transport Corporation is organizing majestic blue line and yellow line superdeluxe high speed bus services for the comfort and luxury of passengers. But even after all introductions of innovations, the sad facts of the transport corporation that one observes are the following. These observations stand succinct testimony to the nonchalant attitude of the crew besides the indifferent of the Ministry of Transport too.

  1. Plan a route during afternoon like from 1300 hours to 1500 hours. There is a high probability that you would need to wait long hours since this time is normally shift change and hence very few buses are available for public.
  2. Most of the areas do not have shelters and hence you need to wait under the scorching sun open sky shelter. There are interesting cloth banners near Santhome Church put by commuters there demanding MTC to provision a shelter. I have been observing this for the past four months but there has’nt been a remedy that has been provisioned by the authorities.
  3. Land up in Chennai after 2200 hours and you are gheraoed by only fleecing autorickshaw drivers. While MTC claims a lot of night services, you simply can not spot one at the right time.

Readers/Visitors to Chennai: What do you feel about Chennai Transport services? Share your views and let the authorities know the grievances.