Positive Van Services and Negative Cops

If you have travelled towards suburban Chennai then you might really see a lot of van services offering to commute passengers from one place to another. This is a great boon to commuters and also befitting complimentary services to bus services, which are sparse in number. However, the problem is that these van drivers are posed to very many serious threats from different quarters.

  1. One is the autodrivers, who seem them as an acute threat for thier fleecing menace.
  2. The next one is the cops. The cops are against van drivers for two reasons.
    1. Autodrivers give mamool (bribe) to cops to go blind-eyed to thier fleecing menace. The bribe percentage is also significant.
    2. Since van drivers have public patronage and also they can not afford heavy bribes, automatically, they earn the wrath of the above two antisocials.

This is why, one can witness significant fights between van drivers and autorickshow-cops alliances.

I think, Greater Chennai Commissioner of Police who is very particular in bringing discipline to her department should also consider spending some time in getting this problem addressed. If this attitude of cops are left check-free, they may become instruments and vehicles for all illlegal/illicit dramas that are being staged by antisocials.

There is one more latent though a incidental observation in which van drivers score better. They also keep shouting to the drivers “Po laam po” (in Tamil) which means “Keep moving Keep moving”. A co-passenger in Velacherry was humously remarking this with the following comparisons. Though they are just for humor, but you can observe positive attitude hidden with these too:

  1. The constant on-the-move attitude reflects a testimony to the proverb “Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” in sharp contrast to auto drivers and cops who normally stay in one place (as observed); chit-chatting and wasting thier time.
  2. The constant on-the-move attitude also emphasizes their attitude to spread tourism awareness, if properly guided.
  3. Deriving from (2) and extrapolating the Tamil quote “Po laam po” as “Po laam po Po laam po Kuala lampur Po laam po” (to support and patronize International Tourism).

Though the observations enumerated (1) through (3) might be purely for humor anecdote, it has a strong undercurrent that van drivers need to be supported and protected from antisocials.

Would the cop-heads listen? Time alone can answer this query and heal the wound of society.