HDFC Insurance — CustomerCare or CustomerChase?

Sometime back during the previous April this happened. Just recalled when one Insurance agent from HDFC Insurance gave a call and I had shoo shoo him away to avoid the occurence of the drama. Now goes the narration.

Myself and Santosh were contacting one life insurance agent from HDFC Insurance. They had some lucrative plans so we took an application form. Since it was Saturday, the agent agreed to come on Monday to our office and collect the form and the first installment cheque along with the necessary documents. All fine. But the very next day (Sunday), one agent came to my house and he was asking the cheque. When challenged regarding the Monday meet, he was telling that his supervisor wanted the form and cheque immediately itself. After giving some ‘dose’ to him and his supervisor over the phone, these creatures ran away. Even these have gone to my friend’s place. But I alerted him before that. So he almost got a virtual chappal beat there also.

I remember the agent name is Martin Anandaraj and his email like martina (at) Both of us wrote to HDFC Insurance and reported to CallCenter but even the next financial year has come but there is no response from them.

Now the questions for HDFC Insurance:

  1. Why was the meeting advanced by agent or his supervisor without customer consent?
  2. How does HDFC Insurance obey customer privacy when disturbing on weekends/holidays?
  3. The ads of HDFC Insurance claim that ‘Secure your self-respect’. By having such mean and base agents to secure business, I think they just trade off the enterprise esteem and self-respect.

Would HDFC Insurance look into it?