Cheap Tricks — Go Offline and Pretend as Busy

With enterprises now serving to address customercare round the clock, a lot of websites and callcenters are trying to a cheap route. They work only for the normal hours and during the off-hours, they put the message like ‘We are currently experiencing a  high call volume“. Truly customer-caring enterprises strive to address customercare needs even when there is a high call volume by taking the message and calling back the customer later in about two to three hours with a resolution.

I have three such callcenters/websites to quote as example, which stand testimony for such cheap tricks deployed to decieve the customers.

  1. GuestTek Internet Services in United States:
    1. Inspite of they addressing a Toll Free 1-877 line, you can never reach them in time. Your line would be on hold at least for two IVR repeats before a customercare agent is with you.  [2 minutes]
    2. Again the customercare agent would ask your first name, last name, full hotel address, extension number. Most of the time, the agent would ask and repeat to keep the call duration more, perhaps. [4 minutes]
    3. Actual Query [30 seconds].
    4. Transferring to supervisor. Repeat 2 again. [4 minutes]
    5. Transferring to another person. Repeat 2 again [4 minutes].
    6. Resolution: Zero. Unless you are lucky.
  2. Live Chat Services:
    1. claims live chat services 24×7. But during off hours, they have configured the OfflineURL to be ‘All customers busy’. See this URL:
  3. ICICI Bank:
    1. As we discussed in Thikkuvay Thandavayarayan.