Email to VSNL support — Deleted without read after 6 months

There were good hopes for all people that after Tata group took the stake of VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited), the customer service of the premium Internet Service Provider in India would greatly increase. But the actual reality was quite contrary. The customer service really sucked and pathetic even more. You can quickly go through the search results of Tata Indicom in Consumer_Voice_India yahoogroup that silently reflects the core disgraceful customer apathy of the enterprise.

Just today morning (a few hours before I logged on to my in Central Time), I saw two interesting emails which contained the words ‘Not Read: ‘. These words normally are used by Microsoft Outlook when the message carries a Read/Return Reciept request but it was deleted from the Preview List without being opened up. Let us put on the investigation cap and enumerate through these emails.

  1. First you may like to read through the original Message Delivery Notifications (MDNs) which are available below.
    [Migration from Prepaid to PostPaid]

    [Forgotten Password]

  2. Spam Verification:
    1. Spammers normally make use of this trick and send forged emails as MDNs and hence we verified using all the IP Addresses and route information mentioned in the email.
    2. With a 3 Gig storage space and good archival capability, I searched through for the related emails to 6 months old and found the original email too. 🙂 The two emails were respectively queries regarding lost password recovery assistance followup since VSNL Supportsite (the then was not responding fine at that time and the other email was regarding information sought after for migrating the existing Internet Prepaid account to Postpaid Broadband.
    3. Any suspicious looking HTML tags or Email Attachments. There were not anything in the messages.
      1. Steps 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 confirmed beyond doubts that the MDNs were not forged message deliveries by spammers but was original MDNs from the Support Desk of VSNL staff. You can also additionally find the Trend Scanner info in the header which VSNL uses.

Next comes to the discussion on customer apathy.

  1. The original emails were sent across on 5 November 2006 sometime around 17:47 (GMT + 5.30), which corresponds to India Time
  2. The message reciepts are coming on 10 May 2007 around 11:00 (GMT + 5.30) (IndiaTime).
  3. Calculating Time Differences:
    1. Days Between Two Dates:
      1. JavaScript Calculator from
      2. Assign the respective dates in the calcDays function before calculation takes place:

        document.getElementById(“d1”).innerText = ’11-05-2006′;
        document.getElementById(“d2”).innerText = ’05-10-2007′;

      3. The DateDifference is 186 days.
      4. You can save the code snippet to local desktop and run it through a virtual directory hosted in Abyss Web Server.
      5. [Date Differences]
    2. Days To Months: Google Calculator reveals the months as 6.12 months translated from 186 days.

It has taken VSNL about six plus months to keep the email in its unread status and then delete it off without caring to give a reply to the customer. This really places a good amount of doubt in our mind on how to trust such an amount of lethargic customer care for our connectivity needs?