Admirable Traffic System in US

A brief sojourn at Irving, Texas from February to May and I could observe quite a number of significant things on diversified quarters. While I share the information phase-by-phase in the course of time, here we share about the admirable traffic systems that are meticulously planned, systemetically implemented and enviably maintained across the nation. For those, who would have closely followed my other weblog, I have just given a sneak preview on the topic in ‘Door Ajar

I have been thinking of discussing this topic for a while. There were a few things that were giving hurdles. How should I start this discussion? Where to start? Well. Let us follow a bullet-point system discussing it step-by-step, which normally the current chairman (the then CEO) of my previous organization emphasizes for anything and everything.

  1. Stricter Lane Disciplines All roads be it highways, freeways, parkways or at the proximity of turnpikes (toll gates in India) have good, elegant and exquisitely demarcated and designed lane systems. Vehicles strictly follow the lanes. They take the appropriate lanes at good distance and only then negotiate turns into the left, right or go straight. Should you miss a lane switch but your left turn has come, the driver keeps driving straight till he reaches next U turn and then comes back. I really appreciate the socially concerned drivers there. You can really witness a steep anti-road sense in Rajakilpakkam, where you can see motorists coming in the directly opposite directions just to save fuel.
  2. Respectable Traffic Cops
    1. The traffic cops are highly diligent and are very helpful in every respect. Unlike in Indian roads where you can spot a traffic sergeant standing at a distance and then you ‘attempting’ to correct your speed only for that duration, you can not do that ‘trick’ there. You would not know where exactly the cops are posted at. The ‘Big Brother’ would be watching you always and you are expected to follow rules by heart and by spirit and just not by letter. The rules are for your welfare and not for anything else.
    2. As long as you do not break the traffic rules knowingly and/or unknowingly, you would not find any traffic cop intercepting you. This should be a great cool surprise news for riders in India where we have to pay undertable and overtable illegal gratifications ranging from Indian Rupees Twenty to Two hundred depending upon the mood of the cap at the particular instance. We have once discussed about an incident where Santosh could bargain with the traffic cop near Guindy on how much illegal gratification he could give. 🙂
    3. Also, the other observation was that I could not find the cops directly waiting anywhere. They make the presence at the right moment only when it was needed and desired. In other words, the traffic security personal present an unobtrusive security cover for safe passage for the citizens.
  3. The greatest respect comes when all vehicles devote two hundred percent of thier effort to give passage to Emergency Vehicles to pass through. We have been discussing the greatest necessity of this over here.

Would the Indian leaders who frequently take diplomatic travels across the globe try to bring in good things to India? Time alone can answer this query.