Unobtrusive Security

Following up from the previous post,  the other very impressive thing that we should learn from our US fraternity is the unobtrusive security system that is being implemented there. I have typically decoupled this discussion from the earlier post, since it does not only apply to traffic but anywhere and everywhere. Even the hotel I have been staying does not have big walls across the campus or a dedicated security personnel sitting at the entrance, chit-chatting with somebody else, whiling away thier time. The only thing you can find is a pleasant green grass cover which welcomes you to the hotel campus. Of course, this does not mean the security is overlooked. There are closed circuit interconnected security surveillance cameras installed everywhere, monitored continously by front desk personnel to spot and address any discrepancies whatever be it and whenever it hits.

I think security agencies should also try bringing in more discipline amongst thier staff, upgrading themselves to the latest technological infrastructure from thier current state-of-affairs. The current state of affairs is in a very dilapitated culture state which we discussed long time back here. I have two more incidents to share with regards to SDB security personnel too.

  1. In a building guarded by SDB personnel in the neighborhood of T. Nagar where I used to meet my friend who works there. My friend used to smile and talk for at least two minutes with the guard there. I used to think that it was a casual friendly talk till one day I caught him red handed giving a twenty rupee note. He told me unless he keeps giving such tips on a regular basis, he can not have a good peaceful state. He used to get a lot of visitors being in the marketing section. He can not afford to lose the sales leads just because the security personnel is frowned and show that to the people who drop in to meet him.
  2. I have seen two organizations (Birla Sunlife and Tata Aig) whose branch offices in Chennai at Egmore and Mylapore try to use the security as a front desk personnel. The security takes in the cheque, does the initial homework and gives to the core department. They try to do it, perhaps with the following good spirits.
    1. Using the idle security force constructively
    2. Minimizing stranger-visitors into the branch office facilities thus stepping up the security infrastructure there.
    3. While I appreciate thier motive in 2.2, I would strongly comment on 2.1. What if the customer details are illegally recorded by the security personnel and then sold by him to a third-party? What safeguards does the entreprises take against such catastrophes? We have discussed regarding this along with HouseKeeping issues here. We can not afford to forget Prathiba Srikant’s incident that fast.