Velachery Railway — An Elusive Wild Goose Chase

Chennai’s most attractive transporation is the suburban Railway system. To complement the road transportation services, about eight years back, they brought in something called ‘Mass Rapid Transit System‘. Currently this system serves the flying railways from Chennai Beach till Thiruvanmiyur. The proposed introduction of this Railway system till Velacherry and then linking to the traditional railways at St. Thomas Mount seems to featuring as Hanging Gardens of Babylon or something like that for more than three years thanks to the core bureocratic red tapism.

The Railway Minister seems to paying regular visits and I could fondly recall three good statements, a bit optimistic statements like ‘Velacherry MRTS would be a Deepavali gift’ (in October 2006)’;

‘Velacherry MRTS would be a Pongal gift for Tamil Nadu (in January 2007)’;

‘Velacherry MRTS would be a Tamil New Year gift for Tamil Nadu (in April 2007)’;

But now even June 2007 is going to come and the construction work at Velacherry MRTS seems to be going in quite a slow pace.

This is one distinct example of how much inertia any government project would showcase at least with respect to Tamil Nadu. Considering the peak traffic in Chennai, MRTS if launched in Velacherry would really mean a great boost in revenue for the Government but for some reasons best known only to the so-called officials in the goverment, the project is busy gathering dusts.