Air Deccan Employee finds himself as prime accused in Credit Card Felony

In yet another case of breach of trust involving service providers facilitating credit card based transactions, an Air Deccan employee has been proved guilty and has been taken into custody for allegedly misusing the credit details of the customers of the company to make himself comfortable in exoribitantly expensive electronic gadgets through an online order.

While casually browsing through Dinakkaran, Tamil Nadu’s number one morning newspaper, I found this credit card felony. You can find this incident in thier ePaper version dated 26th May, 2007 (Chennai Magazine section) — Page 17.

Nitesh Chandran (24), is working as sales executive in Air Deccan chennai branch. It is customary for Air Deccan customers to submit proof of identification when dropping in to purchase tickets. Some elite person has brought in the concept of submitting copies of credit card bills. All were fine till this Satan struck the deal. He used to note down the credit card numbers from the photocopies. And interestingly he has placed orders to a famous cell phone shop based from Alwarpet through thier website. When he went in person to get the mobile, the shopkeeper got suspicious since his name and card details didn’t match. When the merchant alerted the credit card issuing institution (HDFC in this case) regarding the anomaly, the bank in turn contacted the credit card holder who was the then travelling in Andhra Pradesh. He conveyed that he had not made any online orders whatsoever. Now Nitesh Chandran is behind the bars for his Credit Card felony.

[Air Deccan Credit Card Felony]

Now comes some interesting observations based on this incident.

  1. Handing over photocopies of credit card with even the CVV numbers visible is highly dangerous. We have been having another interesting encounter with a SBI Credit Card agent long time back stubbornly demanding photo credit card and I had shoo shoo him away.
  2. Air Deccan has pioneered in providing low cost travel and it is a great welcome boon to facilitate Air Travel for middle income group. But alongside the slash down of the costs, there had been a lot of negative points too.
    1. Too very often, you can find Air Deccan shuffing its flights and/or canceling it.
    2. The customercare is simply nonchalant to any of the customer demands. My colleague, Ashutosh Ravindra Inamdar, once booked a ticket from Chennai to Pune. The flight was initially at 11.30. But three times the flight was rescheduled and it was starting at 1930 in the evening. Interestingly when he called the customercare center, for a continous period of 45 minutes, the phone was just repeating the hold music and no customer care was caring to address the call.
  3. Air Deccan confirmed tickets are not truly confirmed.