Pennywise and Pound Foolish

This is my observation while travelling in Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses in Chennai. Wherever you travel in public transport facilities like Hyderabad or Bangalore, you are never encountered by situations from ladies demanding exclusive seats and literally pushing you off if you are occupying one. Chennai witnesses a most peculiar culture that woman are not agreeable to adjust seats with any other male counterparts. Is it like a very closed culture?

I admit that they are very sceptical in dealing with strangers because of eve-teasing cases which are going astray and hitting headlines time and again including from the cops itself. A few of the eve-teasing topics that we discussed sometime back are:

  1. Security of Woman Under serious question
  2. Operation Anamika
  3. Selayur Police strikes headlines in Abusive SMS Scam

Nevertheless, I think these things should not make woman to become closed loop lest they again fall into the trap being subordinated. The nation needs woman who are brave and could win more laurels. We aspire for womanhood who could conquer spaces like Kalpana Chawla and not just appreciate ones who could involve in petty fights with the downtown newspaper-wala or creating all sorts of hullabaloo in buses and public transportation facilites. We need to strive abolishing the male chauvinism and the stupid belief that still prevails in larger part of the state — denial of education for woman (as the folklore superstitious quote in Tamil goes “அடுப்பூதும் பெண்களுக்கு படிப்பெதற்கு“) We need to strongly celebrate Kavimani Desiga Vinayagam Pillai who celebrated the greatness of woman and encouraged thier growth winning success and laurels everywhere they go (“மங்கையாரக பிறப்பதற்கே நல்ல மாதவம் செய்திட வேண்டுமம்மா‘).

There might be crooked minded pranksters in the buses who seemed to abet and support them to vie for pennywise seat capture in bus seats. But the twenty minute bus seat is not a big apple to be visioned upon. They should try having a more broader vision, ignoring such pranksters. Would they think?