StandardChartered Rocks

I had been using the payroll associated account with Standard Chartered while was at C S  Software, my previous organization. After resigning from C S Software, I actually transitioned the state of account from the corporate payroll status to a normal accounts. Santosh was actually reluctant to emulate that action since it was a private bank and might levy all sorts of gibberish charges and hence chose to close it. I closed-and-opened a normal savings account. I think it was a wiser decision.

Rather than sticking with all sorts of shit private banks like ICICI and HDFC (the booty banks), I think this stands distinct. I admit that there are quite a few charges for a few services but not all of them comes for free. When it is like free, the service quality is compromised.

After a while, for the past two months, my ATM card was not working in Standard Chartered. SCB was believing it should be ATM PIN issue not matching up and hence was considering reissue twice. Then they did  a detailed diagnosis and found that the card is defective. The request was taken on Wednesday. All associated records with ATM flew in as couriers right even in three days. Last week, there Standard Chartered Personal loan pranksters were playing fun through the forenoon. As I also forwarded a report along with this request, that stopped too. Rather the bank staff who address got intimidated by the representatives’ behavior. My guess was those staff should be hailing or inheriting ICICI behavior. 🙂

In short, Standard Chartered Bank — a wiser bank for a long term financial investments and decisions. It was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (Gangadharan Manari) who chose the corporate accounts with Standard Chartered and hence I would like to sincerely credit thanks to him for getting us all with a good wiser bank to bank with. Thank you, Manari.