J Walking — Most Common Feature in Indian Roads?

I just thought of this unique syndrome that has afflicted almost any Indian roads — J-Walking. Yesterday,  during my trip to temple, I observed a huge lot of people resorting to this practice. And you know where? The busy Sardar Patel Road – Velachery Tambaram road intersection (also known as Halda junction). Interestingly, this stretch has been made one way from both Velacherry and Adyar direction.

I don’t find a single cop in this traffic intersection even at the busy peak hour evening. The free left from Adyar towards Velacherry almost makes crossing virtually impossible besides the nonchalant people involving in reckless JWalking.

The Government of Tamil Nadu, which has tried bringing in a statute enforcing Mandatory Helmets for the safety of public can also try bringing in some rule to ‘contain’ this menace of JWalking. Would the traffic authorities wake up from slumber?