Missing Water Bottles of 500ml

On Thursday, I thought of purchasing a good 500 ML water bottle from McRennet Supermarket in Saidapet. He regretted but gave a pointer to the neighboring eatout. When asked, he was showing only the 2 Litres bottle. And one good thing with the small eatouts in Chennai is that with as  little bit of enquiry, you can get tons of information. And he added a bit of information — ‘We stopped ordering 500 ML bottles for this Summer since there is any way brisk sales of 2 Liter water bottles’.

The following are some of the points regarding the water bottles:

  1. The 500 ML water bottle is very handy. Also it can be used as reusable bottle since it is very sturdy and good material too. On the other hand the 2 liter water bottle is easily crushible and you have to forcibly throw it off and purchase a new one.
  2. I agree that easy-crushible water bottles are good since miscreants can not use them to make easy bucks with ordinary water as mineral water but at the same time, sturdy small water bottles are great ones for our personal and domestic use. Even if we try using the 2Liter bottle for normal use, it is very inconvenient because of its shape and size. Also the nature of plastic it contains, the water seems to get smell after sometime.

The Chennai shops should also consider ordering 500 ML water bottles but they are currently making busy bucks in the hot summer. Might be they are following the proverb “Strike the iron while it is hot”.