Weeklong Common-Cold makes cop to flee in fear

The scorching summer in Chennai never makes anyone to go empty-handed.  And to me, I had an unique opportunity of pride to anchor some nasal musical fest. For the past week, it was some strong nasal congestion effects for me which were staging musical fest 24×7.  And this common cold yesterday presented a very interesting situation and an embarrasing one for a cop associated with Tamil Nadu Police, who was escorting a VIP (Very Important Person) while I was visiting the Tiruvallikeni temple.  From his namebadge, I learnt his name as ‘Karuppan’ associated with Tamil Nadu Police.

From the afternoon, I had taken two Coldarin tablets and hence with the medical effect, there had been a bit of profuse sweating and lighter sneezing, which means the inflammation of mucus membrane is being cooled down and common cold is getting diluted slowly. All of a sudden, near the proximity of Goddess’ sanctum sanctorum, when the cocunut was being broken down, I had a couple of forced rounds of sneezing due to medicines’ after-effect and also since the fan was temporarily turned off since camphor was bieng shown to the Lord. I really wonder, how come this sneezing could make this cop run helter skelter for a while to even go away from the person, he was escorting. He almost started to sweat too.  I agree that the unprecedented sneezing could attract and distract anybody’s attention but I don’t the cop was justified to show a navarasa of fear.

Driving close to this observation, the cop also was guilty to God in another aspect. While escorting the VIP, he wanted to enter the sanctum sanctorum and inform the priest over there that in the next batch of persons, the VIP is being escorted into. But while entering the sanctum sanctorum, it is normally expected by any civilized person to keep off shoes, caps etc. But he was trying to enter with his cap (hat) on his head only to be reminded duly of the gatekeeper of the sanctum sanctorum in a harsh tone. He threw an angry stare at the gatekeeper but I don’t find a valid reason why he should stare at the gatekeeper for his reminder, since he was at guilt first. 

Though the ultimate message of the post is that cops must first be prepared to analyze the situation with enough courage instead of running for thier own safety, there is another humourous learning. There is a proverb in Tamil that even a little junk stick which we throw is useful in some aspect.

சிறு துறும்பும் பல் குத்த உதவும்.

(Meaning: A small stick is used to clean the dentures after typically a non-vegetarian meal)

Now we can extend this proverb as

சிறு தும்மலும் பல விதத்தில் உதவும்

(Meaning: A small sneeze too is helpful in a lot of ways).