It is paining to see the closed shutters of Standard Motors

Driving down Tambaram on the NH45 just about five kilometers and in the postal area called Perungalathur, you can see a big industrial house called Standard Motors. Of course, the sad part is that this industrial house had been remaining in the closed state for more than ten years due to lockouts and various administrative, financial cum political reasons.

This time while travelling from Maraimalainagar to Tambaram I was thinking of writing about this. The current Government of Tamil Nadu, which is so eager to open up so many industries around Sri Perumbudur, can consider even reviving Standard Motors. It is really worth to consider reusing the resources than developing from the scratch in everything right. Of course, I admit that there is one issue which would be challenging. If Standard Motors is opened just like that, Unions might be placing demands for payments during the closure period also, which would really run into allocation of crores in the expenditure.

However, I still feel that the government can put some thought into making Standard Motors limp back into normalcy. Rather than wasting time over political vendetta over various futile feud attempts, I think the authorities can constructively think something over such perspectives. For some reason, the government is too much concenterating on Sriperumbudur and trying to dislocate small land owners there, deriving sadistic pleasure in the same. Would the authorities act with more humanitarian consideration and act for the national cause?