Misuse of Mobile Phones

Moble phones are by far the most valuable electronic gadgets that are being used by a larger number of people. During my travel from Maraimalainagar to Tambaram, in the bus I have made an observation of a guy who was busy playing around his mobile and downloading all sorts of cine star photographs from various GPRS websites. A few of the photographs that he was seeing in the crowdy bus were so very obscene too.

With Airtel trying to increase and push its GSM boundaries, there are still people who make the most abuse of mobile phone gadgets. We can not that easily forget the case when a Delhi school girl was clipped in a MMS Porn scam. Again, the cops themselves never fail to strike the headlines in sending abusive SMSes to thier counteparts.

I think the Government should bring in more staunch and focussed action towards bringing in a perfect discipline of using mobile phones only for constructive use.