Security Staff resort to High-Grade Stealing and Theft at Higginbothams, Chennai

The security staff are intended to protect the assets. But there are unique incidents in Chennai when security staff itself resort to all types of thefts and burglary. To mention in a quick summary, there have been cases when ICICI Bank ATM Security in Pondy Bazaar ATM involves in a racket of theiving from customer’s account with the help of corrupt bank staff. We have been discussing sometime back about eve-teasing menace by security staff at Spencer’s Plaza.

Just about a stone throw distance from there, we now have another theft incident at Higginbothams which is about 150 year old bookshop in Chennai. Higginbothams has been a significant landmark of Chennai. They now have even bookstalls in all railway stations too. This news had been covered in Tamil Murasu, Chennai’s leading Tamil evening daily on 9th July, 2007 in its headlines. A screenshot has been attached for readers quick reference.

[Security Strikes in Higginbothams]

A synopsis of the event is as follows. Two of the security personnel, hired from Sincere Security Services, Madurai have been observing the various cash procedures at Higginbothams. On the particular ill-fated day, when thier duty was only on day-time, one of them hides inside the stall. The employer asks the other person to lock the doors and deliver the key to his house. Now, the other two night security personnel go into thier inebriated state at 2200 hours. The theft-partner now goes into the stall, makes with the booty along with the person hiding inside. Their native is Vaniyambadi near Vellore. Hence they start off with the booty to thier native in bus. While the bus crosses Poonamalee (city outskirts), they throw off the keys from the bus. The incident comes to limelight the next day when the manager does not recieve the locked keys and also when the cash register theft is observed. Interestingly, the duo have applied for a two day leave to distract the cops from placing a suspicion on them.I think, it is high time for enterprises and residents of Chennai to be more watchful on the security they hire to protect thier assets even more than taking precaution on the real thief. We anyway know the ill-goals of the thief and hence we would act carefully however, since we hire the security and hence when they foul-play the trust bestowed on them, this assumes acute significance.

Let us see, how Chennai Cops are going to bring discipline in this issue of security organizations.