Social Concern Moves in India

This post would actually serve as an informative link on the various social concern moves and websites that have been launched by philanthropists worldwide to cure the maladies that are injuring the reputation of the country,  to serve the citizens and to increase the image and prowess of our nation in the global ranking.

We would discuss two such examples to start with. If you have similar websites or organizations, please feel free to share the same as comments for the benefit of other readers:

  1. Citizen Traffic Cop Initiative
  2. India Eye Witness — A forum to demonstrate the various maladies in the country on different sectors along with readers suggestions to get redressal and to accomplish a cure of the same.

While discussing this, I would also like to suggest about an interesting advertisement I saw near CIT Nagar – T. Nagar junction (Anna Salai) near DSQ Software building. The traffic concern advertisement was “Stop here or you would reach your end.” Actually, it had two meanings:

  1. Literal Meaning: The road was a dead end from T. Nagar with a compound wall and hence the vehicles have to turn towards Saidapet. So if you don’t stop then you run risk of hitting into the wall.
  2. Traffic Concern: With speeding vehicles on Anna Salai, the vehicles coming from T. Nagar are expected to Stop and Yield for vehicles plying straight on Anna Salai before joining the main traffic.