Call Centers becoming Comedy Centers

Everyone is aware of the most disgusting and harrowing experiences that we are put to particularly during our afternoon siesta due to bad telemarketers selling credit cards, personal loans etc. It is said that in United States it is bad to call a person on a mobile phone unless you know him personally. However, the situation in India is such that mobile phone is the prima facie target for telemarketers. Sometime back TRAI stipulated that every financial and telecom operator should maintain a Do Not Call registry so that people can register there. Once registered, the telemarketers on behalf of those organizations should not call those numbers. We also have a comprehensive list of those numbers summarized here. TRAI has now gone one step ahead in implementing a one-point National Do Not Call Registry. Once the people register their numbers here after forty-five days the calls should stop. Violating telemarketers start to face the music ranging from a penalty of INR 500 per incident to disconnection of the telecom service.

With this in place, I also just came across a weblog at  where Hutch started to spam 30 times per day a DND subscriber. He was apprehensive about the message count that should run in 45 days. I am just reminded of a proverb “Laughter is the best tonic for all diseases”. I think the organizations invest crores in call centers. But the way call centers behave particularly during the subscription/unsubscription, we are forced to think whether they have transitioned themselves into Comedy Centers to entertain people. Call Center people grow abusive also. We can not forget the ‘Call-Girl-Type’ Devi of Citibank who interfered with us in January 2007. had another Call (Center) Girl incident to say. I have discussed about it over here.

There are few more interesting incidents to say.

1) Once a HSBC CallCenter guy called me for credit card. He had a bad vocabulary of tagging every line with “You See. You See“. I replied him humourously that I can not see you on the phone but only hear you.

2) ICICI CallCenter guys plead at you like anything to force you to fall to thier traps.