Dotnetspider Fights Back

Sometime back, we discussed about the vehement attempts of a Kerala-based software firm unleashing Plaigarism and involving in rampant copyright infringments. In the detailed investigation spree, the most humble and service-oriented website of Tony John (Dotnetspider) was also dragged into unneccessarily because it had business outsourcing relationships with them. As the evolution of Dotnetspider itself says about its humility of webmaster training young graduates for free and then the most service-oriented website to train young graduates in .NET. There is a tamil proverb that “When a cow has relationship with a pig, the former also would be accused of playing in the gutter“.  Our little Spider has extended itself from being technology trainer to also ethics training. Without flattery, in Tamil we call it as a candle, which melts itself and lights the world.

Following the later posts in the forum, Tony John, took great pains to make things cleared that the little cute Dotnetspider didn’t have any relationship with the underworld websites of BuzzyCode and LogicLabs other than the petty paltry outsourcing deals and the latter misused Dotnetspider’s fame for thier illcit gains.  With ‘Views and Reviews’ being the foremost in bringing ‘Web Plagirism’ to limelight, I just thought I would also update about the innocence of Dotnetspider in the copyright infringement scam unleashed by LogicLabs.

We hope that this was like an eclipse on Dotnetspider and after this brief hiccup, we wish Dotnetspider a more accelerated and remarkable growth to make the scammers eye it open-mouthed with more envy. We know how jeolous people show up right?

Wish you good luck Dotnetspider and We wish us (a good, strong rewarding rapport) with Dotnetspider ahead! The only thing we have to be careful from this accident is to keep off from bad relationships at all times as it brings a bad name for us also.