National Do Not Call Registry Violators

After a long wait, TRAI had launched the single-point National Do Not Call Registry wherein once you register, the telemarketing calls should cease to come gradually and a grinding halt after 45 days. Period. The launch process happened on September 1, 2007. Myself and my friend everyone registered almost on the same day. To date, a statistics indicate about 2.4 billion registrations. We witness a really significant call drop from these nagging call centers, with an exception from ICICI Bank.

We get every day call from ICICI Telemarketers alone. I think they have a thought process like ‘National Do Not Call Registry? I See. I See. I See… I will call you anyway. No Problem“. The purpose of this post would be listing all the violators in that order. If you have any such incident, feel free to add as comment. Let us see how is the telemarketing discipline in our nation.

1) ICICI bank — Health Card Offer

The caller pretended to call from ICICI Bank, Anna Salai branch. Our discussion thread on this topic on Consumer_Voice_India.

2) Citifinancial — Personal Loan
The caller seemed to surreptitiously gathered account related details from the bank inspite of bank’s own Do Not Call registration completion.

3) HSBC — Personal Loan Offer

4) HSBC — Double Credit Card Offer

To date, I have made a net profit of INR 2000 for Government of India having reported four complaints on erring telemarketers. A small national service, by penalising the criminals. šŸ™‚