Airtel sends obscene Messages as Service Messages

Bharti Airtel now ushers to give preactivated GPRS to every user and you can make use of it without rental other than the charges for download which are like INR 1 per 100 Kb. But once the GPRS is active, you also get regular promotional messages under the banner of ‘Service Messages’. Some of the messages are really vulgar and I can brand them as obscene pornography. I even reported to Nodal officer to opt out but till date there has not been any redressal of the same.

Particularly, when you are in an austerity like to Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa where abstaining from woman relationship is strongly recommended; messages like ‘Sizzling Beach Beauties. click http:// … wml’, ‘Smashing Saturday Hits. Visit …’ are just very indecent. I am planning to report this to TRAI also and let me keep posted over the developments.