Cost-Saving with a Vodafone Chennai India Connection

Yesterday while I was bit free, I was surfing through Vodafone India (Chennai Region) website. The most interesting thing I found was that every user is associated with a caller profile at the server. This way, when the user roams out of home network, he can opt to configure his profile suitably. When a caller tries to reach the number, he would get a message like “The person you are trying to reach is travelling” or “The person you are trying to reach is outside the country”. This way, the considerate callers would be helpful in deciding whether to pursue with the call or not. Typically this is very useful in the case of International Roaming where charges are really pretty high.

Vodafone does charge for the SMS activation and deactivation of the service at INR 3. Also, the default time the profile is set with a new value is 48 hours unless it is specified explicity via the activation/deactivation SMS.

Check out Vodafone site for more details here.