CountryClub violates NDNC and asks what is NDNC? 

Today I trapped one telemarketer who called my other BSNL number inspite of it
being listed in NDNC and after 45 days of September launch of the same.

The following are the chain of events:

13th November 2007

1000: The call landed in my house BSNL landline from CountryClubIndia. It was a
clear-cut violation of NDNC since the 45 days has crossed already. Since I had
informed my parents to inform any calls to get addressed to my Airtel number.

1224: Sharmila from CountryClub, Vellore, India calls from +914164215105. When I
gently reminded her of NDNC, she was totally ignorant of the concept at all. For
anything and everything, she was pointing fingers at Chennai HeadOffice and her
supervisor. When I had to use the NDNC whip to threaten her that they might be
penalised with INR 500 per instance of violation and possible disconnection of
thier telephone service, she immediately banged the phone down.

But as part of the first line queries, she was telling that she got the number
from one book/magazine called SearsLocal. Anyone who is aware of what is this?
Does this publicize everyone’s cell number?

1234: A purportedly supervisor lady,claiming to call on behalf of Sharmila
called me from +914164215137. When I asked her the name, she started to be
offensive. She just rained down a few messages in one shot:

It is our duty as telemarketers to introduce offers and get sales leads. We
don’t care about do not call registry and other things. We are not bothered
about that. Our head office will take care of the same. The head office gives
all the numbers and we call everyone, even if the customer refused in the
previous instance.
Even for asking her name she just replied “It is not

Here are a few queries:

  1. How about a branch manager behaving that hostile way?
  2. How is the deal that a telemarketing organization does not know about or
    bother about NDNC?
  3. What is the respect that these organizations have for the government or TRAI?