Chennai Cops — Stage Comedy Shows Throughout the City
I am not sure whether it is the mission or vision of Chennai cops to entertain people in all regards but the way it goes with the day-to-day activities of Chennai cops prove beyond any doubts and speculations that they are just jokers instead of being a guard to the law and order. Two incidents:

  1. Comedy shows in Guindy Halda Junction
  2. ‘Y’ turns all over the city

Whenever you reach the Halda junction near Guindy, you can see at least a bunch of these jokers trying to block your route. Even if you have all legal documents on hand, they somehow find some lame excuse out of the blue to at least extract at least a minimum of twenty rupees from you. Remember this is the same place, where my friend gave alms to a traffic cop after bargaining in an interesting vein. The alms amount of twenty rupees.
The next interesting thing is about ‘Y’ turns all over the city. The current Commissioner of Police (Nanchil Kumaran) seems to be having some great affinity to letter ‘Y’ of English alphabet. Something like Numerology, he should have contacted some astrologer who should have guided him that way. Most of the city arterial junctions are like ‘Y’ turns and oneways leading to utter traffic chaos and crazy one ways. Some of the interesting ‘Y’-intersections are:

  1. Ashok Pillar
  2. Panagal Park Kumaran Stores Junction
  3. Saidapet Little Mount Junction
  4. Guindy Raj Bhavan Junction
  5. Guindy Halda Junction
  6. Guindy Alexandar Square Junction