Reckless Commercialization Spree; Unrelenting Greed; Lowering of Humanitarian Values
A few days back we have been discussing about “Value for Penny“. Perhaps, in close relation to that topic, I wanted to discuss three related topics that I have been planning to discuss out it.

  1. Commercialization of Yoga
  2. Commercial Advertisements of Hospitals
  3. Bad culture in Chennai People asking “What is your salary?” to every one.

Let us discuss each on these in little to more depth.
Commercialization of Yoga
During one of my weekly Thursday trips, I came across a unique advertisement near Chamiers Road (Pasumpon Muthuramalingam Road). The advertisement was like Yoga class franchisees that have been setup all over Chennai. Once upon a time, I remember, the Yoga classes were considered very holy. We ought to observe and follow Yoga exercises only during the morning hours. But this advertisement claims to have Yoga classes anytime from dawn to dusk. Aren’t they trading off the holy customs for commercial gains?

 The hoarding I saw was that of Asana Andiappan Yoga Research Center. I called them to find out more. The guy who picked up the phone didn’t know the details about the various yoga asanas that I cross-checked.
Commercial Advertisements of Hospitals
Sometime during last Wednesday, during my trip to Egmore Connemera Public Library, I saw an advertisement about Bones and Joint Hospital near Valluvar Kottam. They were talking high and low about surgical procedures, cost benefits and all those crap. But I felt that it is actually infringing the age-old saying Health is Wealth, which I feel should be emphasized more than a commercial advertisement of hospitals.
Bad culture in Chennai People asking “What is your salary?” to every one
I have a lot of examples of people asking about “What is your salary?” even after a couple of minutes conversations? This comes very close to IT fraternity. At least in Chennai, the people have low profile mentality that they think IT people earn more and work less. These jerks do not realise about the pains involved in more acute mental stress and strain. Of course, you however, can not cast pearls before swine right? And so is you can not ask people to realise of their query. They should cultivate and learn of their folly from within their own. A few examples of me and a couple of my friends (compiled):

  1. Once my friend, working in Cognizant Technology Solutions was in a bus from Central. He had some good T-Shirt which showed a company product. He was telling that there was a stupid Metropolitan Transport Corporation Ticket Collector who after checking the tickets was actually moaning and groaning to him as if some dog bit him while he boarded the bus to check the tickets “Uh! Oh! Nothing else. Where are you working? What is your salary?. Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh!”. He actually told me that he missed out carrying his handy cam so that he could have videographed him so that I could have published a live of the scene in YouTube and shared across to you.
  2. Very close to this writing, I had a similar incident with another Metropolitan Transport Corporation guy. He was actually reporting to his duty. Even just seeing the program printouts, he almost put a similar query. I just brushed him out ignoring him. He was bearing a very scornful and angry face.
  3. Sometime back, I think I have shared about a security guy asking a fresher who was reporting to an interview in a famous IT Park in Chennai. I think that security guy has got scoldings from his supervisor. He wanted to vent out his anger on some one. This new guy was asking him the route to a particular company. Instead of guiding him the route, he angrily asked “What salary?”. Luckily, since I was in the nearby area, I interfered and guided the fresher and also took the name of the guard. I went to the security desk near the entrance and reported. I am not sure whether they investigated the incident or even they are part of this low profile group.

The Government of Tamil Nadu, which has tall claims regarding the heritage and culture, should also think of improving the culture and mentality of people. Seriously. It is a dire need of the hour.