The innocuous Chat in a Train Journey

A couple of days back I had an opportunity to take the train journey from Tambaram Sanitorium to Guindy. I first boarded a vendor compartment in a hurry but since no seats were there, I alighted at Chromepet and went to another second class compartment which had seats available for occupying. There was one old man who was sitting next to me. He was asking me how many stations to pass to reach ‘Mount’. Mount is the short hand name of St. Thomas Mount.

I told him you need to count five stations (Pallavaram, Thirusoolam, Meenambakkam, Pazhavanthangal) and alight at the fifth station, which is St. Thomas Mount. I also assured him that let me guide him when the station comes. When the next station came, he was again asking me. But this time, he added one more interesting clause. He actually wanted to get down at the station only on the return journey. He was actually travelling to Mambalam. I told him Mambalam is third station from St. Thomas Mount (Guindy, Saidapet, Mambalam). He should have actually stopped there. But he was adding a few more interesting facts which I did not want or he should not spell out in a publicly crowded place.

He was telling that he wanted to visit GR Thanga Maligai and Sri Kumaran Stores for some purchases. I really felt pity about some people who innocently spell out their plans in public and this makes easy for pocket pickers to make good booty. Sometime back, I have also written an article in on Security at ATMs (Chennai). I think people should know about holding lips tight to strangers and in public places on valuables and other information.