A Quick Look of Educational Service Providers
A month back, I had a casual meet with Venkat of Sakshi Automation Solutions, which is now put up in Korattur. They actually are running a premiere educational website called Patashala. We had a good discussion for sometime about the various educational programmes that he is currently organizing. Inspired by the discussion, I also just thought, I should compile a list of educational service providers for the benefit of students and parents. This is the time when students are eagerly looking out for guidance in seeking admissions to various colleges and they need our attention and guidance in every step.
A few of the organizations and websites that help towards school/college/higher education is listed below. This list is by no means exhaustive. I would like to request the readers to kindly share as comments any other organization that helps students. We also welcome your views about any of the organizations based on your experience.
  1. India Study Channel [A premiere website by Dotnetspider group to help out students in various college courses]
  2. Patashala
  3. ClassOnTheWeb [I am proud that I was one of its lead developers in its first organization for the first version of this website in 2000]
  4. Kalvimalar [I have seen this advertisement in the newspapers recently]