East or West, Home is Best and now Dinakaran helps you with Home Queries

There is a well known saying in English called ‘East or West Home is Best’ which in Tamil translates as எலி வலையானாலும் தனி வலை வேண்டும். I have been observing some interesting Q&A (Question and Answer) section in Dinakaran newspaper called ‘Namathu Illam’ (நமது இல்லம்). This appears every Sunday in Dinakaran. You can also check out Dinakaran website  ;but I am not sure whether this section appears in the online edition. I am not able to check it out because I am using only Internet Cafe’s like Sify iWay to access Internet where I can not download fonts whereas dinakaran site has a requirement of font downloads.

Well! Coming back to the discussion of the Q&A section, I just saw an offer from Dinakaran that if one has any queries regarding real estate or house property, they can email to Namathuillam@dinakaran.com. I just thought I would share this with other readers too so that people can benefit from the same.