Good Hearted Help in Summer by Associations
“நல்லார் ஒருவர் உளரேல் அவர் பொருட்டு எல்லார்க்கும் பெய்யும் மழை” is a very famous saying by Avvaiyar (ஔவையார்). The meaning of this saying is that the rain god and the nature bless us only because of our good deeds and the good deeds actually bless not only us but everyone in the community and our surroundings.
Come Summer and you really can make a good difference between who really helps you and who pulls your legs down. This is the right time to make one understand the essence of the famous English saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.
We can see a good number of organizations in Chennai involving in the following services to the public like distributing free water, distributing butter milk etc. A few of them are Ramakrishna Mutt and a group in Velacherry (as I learnt from Velacherry Plus — a neighborhood magazine, which I came across while my visit to Axis Bank branch last week). A number of political parties like AIADMK and DMDK have also put up shaded bunks and installed water pots to serve free water for thirsty passerbys. With all these positive services in one side, it is paining that a few of the unruly ruling party members damaging the pots near the Thiruvedanthai village because of political riots. I think, the cops should wake up from their deep slumber to ensure that the public have good strong peace everywhere.