Mushrooming of Retail Supermarkets in India

A while back we discussed about the intense turmoil that Reliance Fresh has created in the state of Tamil Nadu. A week back, I was thinking that I should try compiling a list of Retail Supermarkets in Chennai as an information lookup for the benefit of readers.  Here is a quick lookup directory on the famous retail supermarkets in India.
In my related post on Reliance, Narayanan has also shared as a comment about an innovative software firm which has setup a website which would bring small traders also to compete against the big giants by joining up in a single website called EGroceryShop.  Here is the list of supermarkets for your reference. The list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to share other supermatkets with details as comments.
  1. Subhiksha
  2. More for You from Aditya Birla Group
  3. Kamadhenu Cooperative Supermarket
  4. Nilgiris Supermarket
  5. FoodWorld
  6. Spencer’s Daily
  7. Jeevan Supermarket (Chennai)
Perhaps you can share about more supermarkets you know and have come across along with reviews on the products and services over there.