The Chain of Mobile Stores Across the Nation

You might have observed a recent survey that very soon India would world’s number two in the number of people that use mobile phones for communication overtaking United States. You can check out the PCWorld article on this topic over here. At this moment, I just thought I would make a simple post of various famous mobile supermarkets in Chennai for the benefit of the interested readers:

Please note that this post is not affiliated with any of these stores and this is purely compiled for the benefit of readers on my personal effort and energy.
  1. The Mobile Store
  2. Subiksha Mobile
  3. Poorvika
  4. Univercell
  5. Wavetel
Perhaps if you come across any more store like that, share it along with your reviews as comments for this article. There are few tips on using mobile phones effectively too.
Mobile phones should be used to satisfy its basic communication services first and then trying to make the best use of other accessory services. Also, we should see that we do not make a lavish spend on a costly mobile just for showoff.  At this instance, I would like to invite the reader for a few discussions on mobile phones that we had earlier:
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