The New Age Matrimonial Boom
There is a saying called ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’. There were days when a time comes for marriage, family elders used to search for an appropriate bride/groom and then initiate talks and discussions. Slowly, there were people called Marriage Brokers who came into the foray and ruling the business for some time. This had both pros and cons. The family elders are relieved of the stress but brokers sometimes suppress information and make an incorrect match for commissions.
During these days, when we flip through the newspapers and television channels, we see a lot of matrimonial service organizations. The objective of the post is to provide a simple and quick reference lookup on the various matrimonial services that are available in India. This is not a comprehensive list. I would like to request the readers to share additional service providers that you have come across for the benefit of other readers. I would like to request the readers to share their success stories or negative experiences with any of the service providers so that it would be an eye-opener for the public and as well the service provider since they can use your comments as a valuable tool to improve their service quality to the next higher levels to serve the people and nation still more.
  1. Kinchitkaram FREE Matrimonial service for Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya only
  2. FREE Matrimonial Service
  3. Muhurtham [Programs in Jaya TV where bride/groom details are shown]
  4. Arundhadhi Matrimonials [Programs in Vijay TV where bride/groom details are shown]
  5. Kalyanamaalai [Programs in Sun TV where bride/groom details are shown]
  6. Bharat Matrimony
  7. Shaadi
  8. Jeevan Saathi