The Sale of PCs at Petty Shops in Chennai
I have been thinking to write this for a while but due to time constraints this had been remaining an active item in my Notes (enqueued by my Todolist). I have a definite workflow for any of my activity to streamline the processes and make an efficient use of the available time.
Come Sunday (and for that matter any day) and when you flip through the newspapers you really come across a good number of advertisements for sale of PCs. A number of small shops have also mushroomed in Chennai partnering with PC manufacturing giants and deal in second hand sales too. I would however suggest that you do a first hand ground work or homework regarding the configuration that you need with a helpdesk of your known system person before approaching any of the sellers to avoid being overcharged and under-serviced.
A month back, I observed that a photo studio in Kamarajapuram has a banner called ‘Sale of PCs’. The latest trend that is catching up is also laptop sale starting at 25000 INR. I would recommend the minimum computer purchase guidelines checklist that is published in the University of Florida (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) department webpage over here. I would also suggest checking out in classified websites like Sulekha for a comparitive shopping to get a better offer.
Perhaps other readers can share more thought about this too and reviews about various PC dealers