‘Money is not everything’ — Where are the humanitarian values now?

I have been thinking of writing this topic for a while. A few interesting incidents that happened in the bus last week sparked off and just thought I would consolidate the topics and write on it.  These days, a lot of people seems to be becoming so much mechanical in one aspect and also trying to cultivate good amount of avarice and ill-will on others. I have two sporadic incidents to share on this.

 1) During my recent trip to US, I had a chance to call my school friend. She is currently married and settled in Missouri. Her spouse’s friend had a chance to meet me in a quick party over the weekend. He and her spouse seemed to be active in some Britt Worldwide group. Immediately, every alternate day, he was asking me whether I can also join that group. He was using all sorts of fancy words like ‘Good Investment’, ‘Better Lifestyle’. I was just trying to ignore them continously. Even after I returned to India, he was telling me about how about having contact with the Indian association here. I was just wondering if that is all the value to the relationships people give. In fact, I don’t know these guys.  Even his spouse’s school friend is not exempt and these guys try to spread the wings of their network; trying to monetize relationships.

 2) Last week, while travelling in Chennai in a bus from Koyambedu to Velacherry, there one Max New York Insurance sales guy sitting next to me. All of a sudden he opened up conversation bolt out of the blue. And then started to blabber about all crap insurance schemes.

 Would people ever realize the distance of marketing and personal life and where to market and where not to?