Vexatious and Annoying Telemarketing Call from The League Club, Chennai

Around 1400 hours today, I got a call from some one who told calling on behalf of ‘The League Club’. She failed to introduce herself (which is the first telemarketing etiquette). She virtually barged into the one-duplex conversation of narrating offers on The League Club Membership. I interrupted her and confronted her with the following single statement:

“You are not supposed to call me since I am registered for more than an year with NDNC operated by TRAI. You should really make some earnest efforts in understanding NDNC and Privacy Requirements of the Potential Customers”.

She hurled a hostile word in Tamil like “porukki” (பொறுக்கி) and banged the phone down with a huge thud sound. I really don’t understand if the above polite advisory was in
anyway that harsh. There had been a spurt of calls from 1304 to 1327 and the entire call durations ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. [The total call duration of the calls from their subnet totals upto 30 minutes]. The following are the phone numbers that I am getting a call number till about 1525 hours. A continuous circle of two or three persons were flying
abuses unabated for the period of 30 minutes. In the lighter vein, had I been Chitragupta, who checks for sins committed, I would frankly say that the sins committed by them and the words used by them would just label them as gruesome, heinous sinners of the world.
Call Origin Numbers (as flashed from CLI of mobile Phone):

*+914424712977 (1303,1304,1337)
*+914423700060 (1327)
*+914423700075 (1300, 1301, 1304)


You may observe that the call landed from numbers (1) and (3) concurrently. Since I had conference facility active, I just thought instead of wasting my time over these illegal telemarketers, let me just hook them into conference and put on hold so that they get bored off in their own, instead of wasting my time, energy and also jeopardizing my mental

Since the caller was persisting very much to a nauseating and disgusting extent, I switched off the phone for ten minutes and when I switched on, I got the following Missed Alert from Airtel:

“You have missed calls from +9144237700075 (44:1313), +914424711766(1:13:11) and
+914424712977 (8:13:5)”.

Again I started getting the calls. When I picked up, the guy openly started to hurl unparliamentarily abuses in Tamil language. He even wanted me from refrain using English and speak in Tamil. He was openly brandishing that he knows upper hands and can trace out and threatening of physical assaults and harassments. I really wonder about some base, mean, people’s attitude towards a gentle advisory. I have reported the very first telemarketing attempt to Airtel and also the subsequent flurry of assaults from their network to Airtel Customercare. As per telephonic discussion with 121 PhoneCare (Airtel), I have written the entire incident in detail to Airtel CustomerCare in writing besides Chennai
Commissioner of Police (


The above conversation has also been sent to the following:


  1. Airtel Customer Care []
  2. The Greater Chennai Police Commissioner []
  3. League Club Administration*
  4. League Club Website Management Team*

*The website http://www.THELEAGUECLUB.IN/ [] did not
have any contact email addresses and hence I did a preliminary investigation to
get their contact address from
[]. This was necessary since the phone numbers mentioned would be circuitous and again landing on those vexatious telemarketers without providing any relief.


A few observations regarding the above incident:


  1. The telemarketer needs to be friendly and polite while introducing themselves. In the above conversation, that was given a straight miss.
  2. The supervisory cadre in the telemarketing organization should have given a unbiased view of both the parties and then try to come to some conclusion rather than succumbing to flattery of his colleague and abusing the customer.
  3. If this would be the attitude of a club, which is intended to provide relaxation would anyone join it? Incidents like this would only serve to enhance the hypertension of its subscribers.

Let me keep you posted with the updates from Airtel/COP regarding the above queries.

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